Do you accept credit card payment over the phone?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. Click Here for more Payment Information


Do you have cores in Stock?

Yes, Cobra and Lightning cores are in stock.


How do I remove my supercharger and send it in?

Click Here for complete removal instructions.


What can I do about belt slippage?

We offer a Constrictor Grip pulley option that eliminates any belt slip! We can apply this to any pulley style and size.
Click Here for more information.


How much performance can I expect from your ported combo, pulley and tune on my 03’/04′ Cobra?

100 HP, 100 Ft# torque.


Are some Stiegemeier ported blowers better than others?

No. The same stage blowers will make the same power and perform within 1 HP of each other.


Why does my blower make noise?

Click Here for the answer.


Why does my engine sound like a bird chirping?

Very often a shrill chirping sound may appear to be blower noise but in fact is probably the belt. Check your belt for wear and/or crystalizing and replace if necessary.


Can an older Stage version be upgraded to a more current version?

Certainly! Contact us, tell us what you have and we can discuss options for upgrading.


What should I take off of my blower, TB & PL when I send it in?

All sensors and bypass valve. See the R&R instruction above for complete details.


What about packaging my blower for shipment?

Pad it well, double box and ensure you protect the front drive.  Place a note inside with your name, phone # and address. Click Here for more Shipping Information.


When should I do maintenance on my blower (i.e. Grease rear bearings and replace the oil)?

Stock pulley – 25,000 miles
Upper pulley only – 20,000 miles
Upper and lower pulleys – 15,000 miles


What pulley should I run?


This table shows boost levels with various combinations.

Upper pulley Stock lower 2# lower 4# lower
2.7″ 14.5 16.5
2.8″ 14.0 16.0
2.9″ 13.5 15.5
3.0″ 13.0 17.0
3.1″ 12.5 16.5

What is the most cost effective way to reach 500 RWHP with my stock 03’/04′ Cobra?

1) Stiegemeier ported combo
2) Straight shot air cleaner
3) NGK TR6 plug, gapped .038
4) 2.8″ upper pulley (14.0 #s boost)
5) 73.5 inch belt (guide #)
6) Tune engine with a max of 23 degrees timing and 12.0 A/F ratio


What belt should I run?

We recommend Gates.  Their belts are thicker,stretch less, and have the best grip.



Do I need to put oil in my ported blower when I get it back from you?

No, your supercharger has been refilled with new oil and is ready to use. If for some reason oil was not supplied we will contact you as well as labeling your unit with “Oil Needed”.


How much press should I have when installing my upper pulley?

Steel – 0014
Aluminum – 0017
Use oil on shaft and all puller parts.  A little heat can help but cool immediately after.


Do I have to re-tune my car to accommodate for the porting work only?

No, the porting has no effect on your tune and a re-tune is not needed.


Do I need to upgrade my fuel system?

You can run up to 15#s of boost with a stock fuel system.  Any additional boost would require a fuel system upgrade.


What should I tune my vehicle with?

The Diablo Predator is the most simple and user friendly device for vehicles with a stock fuel system and no more than 15#s of boost. The SCT XCalibrator is a must for high boost levels, fuel mods, throttle body changes or other modified configurations.


Why does my boost fall back at high RPM’s?

You could have belt slippage.  Check for; your boost bypass may not be properly set, your tune is off, vacuum leak, bad clutch, poor exhaust flow, plug gap.


My car has lost the performance I previously had?

It is quite possible that your clutch is bad.  If your driving habits are hard on the clutch, you will need to upgrade.


How fast will my Cobra go in the 1/4 mile?

12.5 with an average driver.
12.0 with an aggressive driver.
11.5 with an experienced driver.
10.9 with an expert driver.  (This has been done.)


My blower makes a light noise that goes away when it warms up.  What causes this?

This is normal and will typically go away after 50 to 250 miles of driving.  If the noise grows worse you should call immediately.  This is the same run-in that occurred when the vehicle was new and is caused by bolt torque stress differences.


Should I upgrade my exhaust?

Yes, Headers & Off Road Pipes yield the best results, the biggest restriction on the car is the CATS.


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