Check These Before Sending in you Parts

  • Get your supercharger off your car. If you need any technical help feel free to call us!
  • Take off any removable pieces ie. the bypass valve, plenum, or throttle body.
  • Secure your supercharger as good as you can, marking your box as “fragile” doesn’t always do the trick. Make sure to really pad the front-drive. Double box, you can never have enough padding!
  • Drop a note in the box with you name, phone number, email address, return address, and services you’d like provided.
  • Stick a shipping label on it to the address below.
    (We recommend using UPS or Fedex, USPS is very hard on the packages.)
Stiegemeier Porting Services, LLC
2140 S. Old Hwy 94
St. Charles, MO 63303