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    Welcome to Stiegemeier Porting Service

     Since 2003 Stiegemeier has been THE name synonymous with supercharger porting and modifications. With almost 4000 custom ports done to date, we are The Leaders in EATON Supercharger porting. And as one of the few EATON factory-authorized supercharger rebuilders, we are able to provide you with genuine EATON parts. Although we specialize in GT-500, Cobra & Lightning blowers and air-flow components, we are rapidly gaining respect for servicing Cadillac, Mini-Cooper, Jaguar, Roush, Saleen, Mercedes-Benz and others. In 2010, Stiegemeier announced that we now offer Injector Resizing, Flow Balancing, Sonic Cleaning, and rebuilding. We stock most all small parts available for your injectors. We also include a complete Flow Data Sheet showing the total flow of each injector at open and pulse flow. From our custom-built SXF-1000 air-flow supercharger test bench to our state-of-the-art DynoJet, we have the technology, resources, and expertise to give you the best your money can buy.

    And we guarantee more horsepower gain per dollar spent than any competitor!





    Top Picks:




    We take the amazing power output of a M-122 Shelby GT-500 Blower and fit that in your ’03-’04 M-112 Cobra blower case.By utilizing the rotor pack & front drive assembly of the GT500 you will have a like new blower assembly, as most GT500 blowers we come across have very low mileage. The Rotors and ¾ inch longer and have a bit more twist for more air movement.


    Venom Coolers greatly reduce front drive temperatures, keeping them equal to that of the back of the case – increasing reliability of bearings and seals and eliminating heat soak issues. Available Now! Call for more details.


    Stiegemeier up-sized Injectors can be installed and driven to your tuner without difficulties unlike new aftermarket Injectors that can prevent your vehicle from starting much less being driven.


    These lightweight OEM rotors have the rotating mass reduced by 50% to increase acceleration and allow for extreme rotor speeds and unheard of reliable boost levels.