Tools Required:

  • Standard 8mm Socket
  • Deep 10mm Socket
  • Standard 10mm Socket
  • Open end 10mm Wrench
  • Deep 13mm Socket
  • Standard 13mm Socket
  • Open End 13mm Wrench
  • 3/8″ Extension
  • Torx T-xx (For MAF Sensor Removal)
  • Two Towels (To Cover Fenders)
  • 1/2″ Socket Wrench or Pry Bar to Pull Down Tensioner
  • 1 Quart of Intercooler Fluid
  • One Other Person to Lend a Hand (Optional)


1.  Disconnect the throttle cable and cruise control cable from butterfly. Next remove the two bolts from the throttle cable bracket connected to the supercharger. Pull this out of the way.

2.  Unplug the ISC and TPS sensors. These are the two black sensors that are on the inlet right behind the throttle body

3.  Unclamp the black plastic intake tube and pull it away from the throttle body

4.  Remove the (4) 13mm nuts holding the inlet to the supercharger and carefully slide it off. You do not want to damage the gasket because you will reuse it.

5.  Remove the pulley cage if you still have this on your vehicle.

6.  Remove the supercharger belt.

7.  Unscrew the black bracket on the passenger side that holds the boost bypass and several other sensors. There are two bolts on the side of the supercharger and one nut on the back of the EGR bracket that hold this on. Once you have removed those connectors, unplug the sensors and vacuum lines necessary to pull it clear. Make sure to note which wires you have disconnected and where they go.

8.  Disconnect the EGR tube from the EGR assembly. This is on the back of the supercharger and it is black and round. There will be a large nut holding the EGR tube to the EGR assembly.

9.  Once the EGR tube is off, there are two bolts that hold the EGR to the supercharger. Remove these two bolts and the whole black round EGR valve will come off the back of the supercharger. Take it off carefully and save the gasket, because you will re-use it.

10.  Remove the vacuum lines from the back of the supercharger, there are a total of 3 and one vacuum line that goes to the drivers side valve cover that may need to be disconnected.

11.  Unplug the MAF sensor. This is on the drivers side at the back on the supercharger. Look right below where the EGR was and slightly forward and you will see it.

12.  Unbolt the two fuel rail bolts on each side of the supercharger. These are 10mm bolts and just come right off. There is no need to remove the fuel rail or the injectors.

13.  Remove the (10) lower intake manifold bolts. These are the bottom ones, they are a gold color.

14.  Remove the two black intercooler hoses from the front fittings. There is a hose clamp on each one, and after you slide the clamp back the hose will just come off. This step will result in some intercooler fluid leaking on your floor.

15.  Now that you have removed those two intercooler hoses you can see the fittings that they connect to on the manifold. This is actually a cap on the intercooler, and you will now remove it. This takes two people.

16.  Have one person tilt the whole supercharger and intake assembly up. When this is tilted up you will have access to the 4 bolts that hold the intercooler cap to the intake manifold. With the intake tilted up, unbolt (3) 10mm bolts and one 8mm bolt from the intercooler cap. Once those are removed, pull the cap off the intake manifold. It will leak more intercooler fluid, and two fittings will come out with the cap. If only one of the fittings comes out, gently pull on the other one and it will also pop out.

17.  Now you can set the lower intake back down, making sure you do not incorrectly position it and smash the lower intake gasket while doing so. You will re-use the lower intake gasket.

18.  Once set down, unbolt the (10) 10mm bolts holding the supercharger to the intake manifold. After you have removed all of these, the supercharger will lift directly.

19.  Once taken off, use rags or towels to soak up all coolant that is sitting in the bottom of the intake. You want this to be completely dry.

20.  Now that you have the supercharger out of the car, remove the black MAF sensor from the supercharger. Save this with the two bolts, you will install it on your unit when we return it.

21.  Remove the bypass valve from the supercharger. This is the black valve on the drivers side, held on by two bolts.

22.  The last step before sending it to Stiegemeier is to remove the intercooler. To remove the intercooler, CAREFULLY unbolt all 10 bolts that hold it to the bottom of the supercharger. If one bolt becomes difficult to unscrew, thread it back in and then try again. You may have to perform this sequence several times on each bolt to get them out without breaking. If you do break a bolt we can remove it at a charge of $20 each.

23.  Now you are done. To ship the supercharger to us, package it very carefully in a box that is at least 12X12X26. If you cannot come up with a suitable box we can send you one. The supercharger should be packaged so there is at least 1” of padding between it and any part of the box. Newspapers work well, as do foam sheets and padding. Foam peanuts do not work as well because the supercharger can shift around in those while being transported. Your shipping weight should be approximately 35lb.