We are a full service supercharger rebuilding and repair facility.
We never outsource our repair work!.




Complete Rebuild Includes:


    • Free of charge- unit inspection.
    • The unit is fully disassembled and all parts checked for wear.
    • The case is thoroughly inspected for rotor rub.
    • All bearings and seals are replaced.
    • Front drive in its entirety is inspected, and repairs are made where necessary.
    • Rotors are then phased to corrected position and assembled.
    • Rotors are inspected for point wear and flaking.
    • All parts are high pressured washed to ensure all components are clean.
    • Reassembly then takes place ensuring all bearing press, tolerances are
      triple checked and torque set to factory specifications.
    • The outside of your supercharger case is inspected for paint imperfections and touched up if needed.
    • Supercharger oil is added and all other lubricants are fully synthetic and high heat tolerant.


 *Pricing is determined upon inspection, and varies with the condition of your supercharger.