Stiegemeier Porting Services, LLC has taken modifying superchargers to the next level.

We literally invented supercharger porting! Why go with an imitation?


 After 35 years of Engine Air Flow research, Stiegemeier has taken porting to a whole new level. His experience, commitment, and need for speed, the Stage 7 has been born! . The Stage 7 Port has an average gain of 10% RWHP. With over 5,000 ported and polished blowers for all different makes and models, we have the experience and dedication to take your air flow need to the next level.

Designs are constantly being tested and updated to assure you the largest HP gains available guaranteed. All of our airflow test data was recorded using an XF1000 Supercharger Flow bench. The rotors are profiled, blueprinted and timed to the case. After porting all gasket surfaces are checked for flatness and machined if necessary. The machined parts are put through a three phase cleaning process. The last phase consisting of a high pressure 190 degree rotisserie wash. All superchargers are assembled with factory full synthetic grease and oil. All fasteners are torqued to spec. After final assembly the superchargers are spun at speed and checked with an amplified hearing system to ensure you of a perfect assembly. In addition all superchargers are cataloged, numbered and dated.

We stock most gaskets, pulleys and plugs, etc. for your supercharger. In addition, we offer you free technical tips and instructions. We have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff available to answer any of your questions.
*Cores are also available.