Completely Customize Your Supercharger

Show Polishing

Show polishing is a great option to take your supercharger to the next level! If you’re going to an auto show or simply showing off to your friends, show polishing will definitely┬ámake an impression! This stunning polish can be applied to the blower, throttle body, plenum, pulley, virtually any part of your supercharger. Allow 1-2 weeks turn around on show polishing.

*Contact us for pricing.

Flat Onyx Black

We paint supercharger’s as well. We can do touch ups, or a complete makeover. Our most popular is our flat black. You can see why! Get this sleek stealth look for your supercharger! We do plenums as well.

*$125 Blower only
*$174 Blower and Plenum

Custom Colors Available