Injector Upsizing

 The factory injector can be modified without hassle, because they are already mapped out on your ECM. Aftermarket injectors have a different resistance in Ohms which require expensive remapping. We add the fuel needed to make your vehicle factory smooth. What makes them so great is that you can install the re-sized injectors and drive your vehicle to your tuner without difficulties. Our injectors make emission testing a breeze. Why waste upwards of $750 on aftermarket injectors and a custom tune, when a simple upgrade on your OEM injectors are the better choice!
No remapping required.

Why Would My Injectors Need to Be Serviced?

  • Even new injector sets don’t always flow at the same rate.
  • Leaking O-Rings
  • Rough Idle
  • Lean Air Fuel Reading
  • Loss Of Power

Injector Service Pricing

Standard Service

  • Flowed and Sonic cleaned

Advanced Service

  • Flowed, Sonic Cleaned, and Balanced

Even Flo

  • Flowed, Sonic Cleaned, balanced, and Up-sized

*New O-Rings and Screens – Additional $50
Prices subject to change.